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Being part of our gym is about integrity and inclusion. Our community of members and trainers are focused on cultivating a sense of integrity and community in their training. At Trend Training, we believe fitness goals and results are built on the work you are willing to put in for yourself and how honest you are to yourself. Fitness goals are hard to achieve alone, and bodies are not designed for modern day life. Our community of positive, encouraging, inclusive & supportive members is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. And we cultivate that community through training. We train together. We sweat together. We win together. Welcome to Trend Training, we are truly excited to meet you.

Personal Training

Looking to take your training to the next level? Personal training is the answer. Our trainers have a minimum of 5 years in the fitness industry and can train all levels of fitness. Contact us to discuss your needs, formulate a realistic plan and commit to achieving your goals with the assistance of a professional trainer.

Gym floor

A boutique gym feel with plenty of equipment and uncrowded spaces. Olympics bars for the CrossFit crowd, Cables/TRX for the suspension enthusiasts & free-weights for the Builders. Get to your goals faster with weight and Endurance training. Start today!

Group x Studio

 Whether you’re after a T30min HIIT session before rushing to work or a T60min Strength & Endurance Class, we have your needs covered. Social, fun and structured classes to get you in and out quickly while hitting your goals. Using our MaxRep 20 system, our classes are built to build strength whilst toning and shaping your body.

Featured Programs

Trend Training Centre features our T-Classes. Developed and conducted by our master trainers, these classes feature a MaxRep 20system which pushes your body to new levels. A perfect balance of HIIT training, Strength conditioning and aerobic peak training that improves overall fitness. Our wholistic approach promotes a balanced outcome for your body. Flexibilty, strength and endurance.  


“My objective was to lose 12kg in a short amount of time. I found Trend Training centre to of unique and very specialised training that suits my preferred style of workouts. I found the programming to be absolutely awesome as it maximises fitness, weight-loss and strength gains all in one workout. The instructors take very personal care which keeps me motivated to have lost 10.6kg in 8 weeks. I feel fantastic. “

Arthur Klonis

I had been trying to find my fitness mojo for at least 6 months with no luck… and then I was introduced to Trend Training Centre!! I found the training to be fun and effective, with the specialised program kicking my mojo back into gear.I haven’t felt this good in a long time, my energy levels are back on track, I’ve lost those last pesky kilos that I couldn’t shift before and my strength has increased all within just 6 weeks. They always look after me at Trend Training and I’d highly recommend to anyone.

Anne Timperley




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